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A (MCC) is more than a simple authentication. We are a community, an exclusive club, where like-minded people with similar aptitude can enhance their network, do business with each other and access to a the huge knowledgebase that contains the master-strokes of reaching and enhancing success.

Success is orientation, ambition, setting of goals, entrepreneurial spirit. These make us different from the average. For us, money is just a tool on the way to achieve our goals. Members of MCC know exactly what they want and how to reach it.

Members of MCC are eligible to access to the huge collective knowledge resource of videos and texts that have been created by other successful businessmen, sportsmen and successful people.

The official opening of the Club is held on Sept 1, 2017. In the interim, you can gain access to the knowledgebase and receive your package-specific certification via post.

How can you be one of us?

You can choose from our two options:

“I am rich.” - package contains everlasting MCC membership and a gift plaquette that will be mailed to your door. / price of package: now instead of 3000$ only 1.500$ - Early Bird registration (Expiration of discount : Sept 1, 2017.) /

“I am $ millionaire.” - package also contains everlasting MCC membership and after online registration you will receive your 24 carat gold, 56 cm tall trophy containing your MCC certification via post. / price of package: 10.000 $ /

“Being a millionaire is not just a state, but a lifestyle, a certain way of thinking.”

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